Sunday, April 11, 2010

HELL-O KUALA LUMPUR (and college )!!!

23rd of March 2010.well,I was suppose to be in KL on the 22nd but due to some issues,I wasn’t able to come on time…as a conclusion,I had ponteng-ed my 1st day at…so yeah,in KL I’m living at my cousin’s place in Taman Gembira…seriously,its Happy Garden,good thing they didn’t put it as ‘Gay Garden’,as another synonym for happy is gay !!! lol…hehehe,and my college its exactly in KL town.. I was impressed on how I ended up here (as in,I was here in 2008 for my NST-Shell Science Inventors with my bunch of friends including Michelle,my bff!!!) and now I’m back again…the same ol’ Petaling street ,the same ol’ 7-eleven,the same ol’ food court etc etc…

As I was saying bout college,the 1st day of college was a misery and I felt wretched…omg,I seriously know no one there !!! I really wished that moment I was back at JB ; like as if I know everyone…as usual,the 1st day blues was there as if I’m attending the 1st day of Kindergarten …god knows how the hell I was feeling…but before that I was caught in a freaking-tortoise-locomotion-like jam…It was around 7.45am when me and my cousin sister too the bus (she was so sweet to follow me the 1st day and to show me the route there ) and that freaked-up stupid jam started as soon as we left the Taman…the bus was literally moving as a snail,except for the part where the irresponsible driver put on a sudden brake and everyone would move forward,the power of inertia…weird city man,and it happens everyday !!! so from the next day onwards I’d be taking the 7.15am bus to avoid the heavy jam..curse the jam man!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if a person could die on the way to work while driving…coz the jam seriously could increase the blood pressure of a person,and the accumulated blood pressure would burst one day and taa daa,a sudden acute myocardial infarction…hahaha…its just heart attack in other words…lol ..and look at my title up there,its not hello but hell-o…the jam is hell here !!!

College-wonder what I’m doing there? I screwed up my Maths in STPM and my pointers aren’t that sufficient to do medical in local Universities,but other than medical,I’d be welcomed to enter the Local Us…I seriously wanna do Medical so yeah,I’d be doing a top-up-sort of-medical preparation programme in an international college in KL for 4 months and in September I’d be heading to Russia (well,Russia is my 1st choice though, but see how things goes on la)… that’s about it…

Now about the lecturers..hehehe,feel like laughing whenever I talk about Biology lecturer is from India and his accent is bloody strong,for instance BioloGY he pronounces it as BioloZY and so are other words with the letter G in it.And at a point,rather telling there’s TWELVE PAIRS of ribs,he told it as TWEL PEAR…seriously,this is the spelling I could come up with his pronunciation…funny dude la he…next is my Physics lecturer,from India too,but his accent isn’t that strong as my Biology lecturer..way better I’d say..but one word that made the whole lecture hall laugh is his FUR..hahaahaxx…for example,in his sentence if there’s a word ‘FOR’ he’d be pronouncing it as ‘FUR’…but so far there isn’t any problem with my Maths lecturer,but seriously I can’t believe I’m saying this,I want Mr.Eng back!!! Mr.Eng was my teacher for Maths T when I was in SIGS,very good Maths teacher…My Chemistry lecturer is from Sarawak,the land where they hunt for heads,but she isn’t hunting our head,she’s hunting our brain!! At some point I seriously can’t get or can’t seem to make out any sense of what she’s telling !!! and now I want back Mr.Tey,my chemistry teacher from SIGS !!! LOL…the subjects that are taken into account are Bio,Chem,Phy and Maths…I guess the other additional subjects are for fun kot…like Pengajian Malaysia,English and ICT…I cant believe Pengajian Malaysia is dissimilar as Pengajian Am(I took this for STPM)… I mean like what would possibly be different?? And now I’ve got to attend the class as well…screw them up la…and I’d be learning a foreign language,RUSSIAN!!! Woo hoo,since I’d be furthering my studies in Medial there,so I thought it would be good enough to at least learn some of their words so that I wouldn’t be lost and get blur la…

Classmates-freaks I’m telling you,total freaks !!! I just hate the sight of the group sitting in front of me,bunch of fucked-up character,the guys are okay,as in their characters are digestible,but the girls especially the one who claims that she’s from an oversea country?? I mean like,then what the hell she’s doing here?? Another one thinks that she’s the most beautiful in the clan and a fighter,as in like in my view,she’s so rebellious…I hate people who doesn’t give respect and being such a pain in the ass la…hahahaxx..too personal alrd…other than these peps,others are good and funny people,but I’m still in the process of getting to know them more…

So,that’s all for now..will update my blog after compiling the stories for a week and will publish it in the weekend…


Before I start,let me state here that this part of the blog is divided into several parts…lol…sounds like a horror flim…so sit back,relax and enjoy.Let me start

PART 1-‘The’ Pasar Malam nite out

Once again before leaving Singapore ,we (me and Thevishree ) went to the nearby Pasar Malam at Causeway point.They had it in the midst of January and removed it,and its here once what Singapore appa (my uncle) said : The leaves also haven’t turn green,and they’ve put it up again… there we head around 8pm,finding for our ‘staple’ food-CHEESE SAUSAGES,as I’ve stated in the previous blog. We seriously thought the stall which sold the sausages didn’t come back for seconds…gosh..after few rounds,we found it…yay!!!... I guess the price had increased by $0.20…hheheheh..and once again the cheese was freaking piping hot and melting away..and of course I took a bite,and taadaa burned my tongue..huhuh..this time didn’t squirt on anyone,lucky those peps standin around me…then we bought,actually Thevishree got me this sweet looking Strawberry Shortcake clear you Thevz. We had chicken rice (which I was hoping for the Hainanese one though) and DARK CHOCOLATE drink..seriously the drink tasted like melted dark chocolate plus milk and some crushed ice,alah you know those nice tasting yeah the dinner was a super dinner,as Thevishree wanted to belanja me and at the same time it was a bad idea to..I shall explain more in Part 2..

PART 2 – unexpected moment

I know by now some of you would have randomly guessed something like diarrhea or vomiting could happened..but no !!!...we reached home (in Singapore ) around 9.45pm.. as we entered the house,my uncle asked my cousin..let me put it in the dialog verion…

Uncle : did you buy it?
Cousin : ooo ya,I remembered bout it in the bus…(at that moment I was seriously lost and blur)
Nitz : buy what?
Uncle : STEAMED CAKE???!!!!!
Cousin : I totally forgot bout it till we were in the bus..sorry (lots of time)
Uncle : You are good for nothing!!!! (referring to my cousin)…

-lol….at that moment I was laughing like mad inside,coz the anger and scoldings was so in like just for some steamed cake from the pasar malam? Rite…

Uncle : What you all ate?
Nitz : Chicken Rice
Uncle : Chicken rice? And she could forget bout the steamed cake???...(at this moment of life I was thinking that eating chicken rice was a bad idea indeed

Cousin : SORRY-lah… I really forgot ..i’ll give you back the money when amma gives me back…(she screamed from the room,and her voice cracked,I thought she’s gonna cry or something)

This whole scenario cum drama ended when my aunt came to save the day!!! My cousin told her mum that her dad scolded her as such,and her mum ‘scolded’ her dad back again..hip hip hooray..hehehehexx…so yeah,the end for the day…

PART 3- The ‘U-Turn’

I woke up as the alarm rang at 8.00am…wanting to make some pancake,yeap you heard it clear,PANCAKE…it was suppose to be some English breakfast,so yea,we had it with butter, maple syrup (eventually it tasted like melted Gula Melaka,as it wasn’t the original one …ori : $15.90,ciplak : $3.90..huge diff I’d say), chocolate syrup and chocolate ice-cream...pheew..huge n heavy breakfast indeed…

Later we got ready as we were about to leave to send me back to JB,coz I was suppose to renew my driving license and the following day is my birthday .As we were about to reach the Singapore immigration,we were hoping that they wont say anything bout my uncle’s passport which is gonna expire soon..and well luckily,they didn’t…so good of them…and as we were heading to the Malaysian customs,my aunt told my uncle to go the other lane,as no car was there,my uncle ‘avoided’ her ‘wise words’ and went to another lane indeed…lol..and a huge surprise was awaiting for him there…the officer told him that he is not allowed to enter Malaysia as his passport is about to expire…I was like, WHAT???!!!! Who’s gonna bank in the money? Who’s gonna alter the Punjabi suits? And best of all,WHO’S GONNA CARRY MY HUGE LUGGAGES BACK HOME???!!! I was so cursing that guy there..and the ‘U-Turn’ parts comes in here…

Since my uncle isn’t allowed to enter Malaysia,so they asked him to turn back,seriously to balik kampong ….hehehehhex,so they had to drop me near somewhere.As one of the officer guided my uncle they way back,I was made a public-visible-guest-appearance-middle-of-nowhere-thingy…lolx,that’s a long one..literally every car that passed by me, ‘HAD’ to look me,lifeless people!!! After 15mins,the officer appeared again,to escort,he said so ,TO ESCORT me out of there, yeah,as if im a VIP or so or maybe some accused..hhehehe…so yeah,he showed me the way out to take the bus..pity me!!! Oo ya bout my luggages,my uncle volunteered to bring my bags on Thursday as he’s gonna take his International passport on Wednesday,bless him,seriously…yeee haaa!!! So here I am,back to square one in JB .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uniquely Singapore !!!

Seriously ah,after 17th March 1990 (the day I born in Singapore) till beginning of this year,I've never stayed this long here (in S'pore)...all started when my uncle was not feeling well,as he had to undergo a bypass operation and I was all ready to give my helping,what I did ? I cooked,clean-up the house,go online lol,watch tv,hang around in the Pasar Malam and of course ,took good care of my uncle...about the Pasar Malam thingy,we(me and Thevishree) went there just to get the cheezy chicken sausages..omg..heavenly,and once I accidently squirt out the hot cheese on a lady and she didn't realise it..hahahaha.It was so coz the sausage was piping hot...

And I think that I did lose some weight after walking from the MRT station to the hospital and back to home..pheeww..eventualy I realised that its nice to

I stayed there officially from the 5th of January till like 22nd of February...pheeww...that was long...but of course I went back home when there's occasions such as for Ponggal,Thaipusam and Lokz' birthday (do I take it as an occasion? lol)...and I had to go back home coz my results were to be out on the 25th of February...misery!!!

So yeah,after gettimg my results and after enrolling myself in a college..I head back to Singapore ..this time is to spend some quality time with all my relatives (I've yet to travel to Seremban site) before I head to study for my medical ;-)

So wait ah,there's more to come...I'll write more when I'm in college.. :-P

New entree in The Devs' Family was all on the 9th of March 2010...what time?hmm arnd 8.32pm?,k lets get this straight,we got a new puppy!!! woohooo.... Lokini a.k.a. my sister,always wanted a Rottweiler named Tiger as her pet,but the price of it was freaking yeah,we waited till the right time comes...and waited and waited..and taa comes our new pup...RONY RAJ KUMAR..he's a mixed breed,alamak who cares bout his breed kan? he's an adorable pup with black and white patches...we (me,lokz and my mum) were thinking of names like Thunder or Lightning or Hunter,and out of no where my dad suggested or shall I say proposed that his (new pup) should be named Rony,since his elder brother,hahah..our 4-legged brother's name starts with R.

Now we have two.the 1st one Rover Raj Kumar and nw the new one,Rony Raj Kumar...Rover loves Rony at times,but hates the sight of him most of the time..omg that small devil loves to cry most of the time,especially at nite n when there's no attention given to him...EXACTLY LIKE A BABY!!!..omg...we bought him puppy weaning biscuit and also baby's milk formula..LACTOGEN from NESTLE,seriously...we even bought that same ol' brand for Rover when he was a pup...

We made him sleep in the back room...and all he does is cry cry and non-stop cry..I remember waking up at 12.30am,3.30am and 4.30am till 6am.on the 10th of March just to layan that small fellow...arnd 3.30am he made his 'project' near the threadmill..omg and I got to clean up the freaking mess..but thank god it was firm and not

and thank god that the next day I was in Singapore alrd..about Singapore,I shall continue in my next blog

So now we have 6 members in The Devs' Villa
1.The Head : My dad
2.The housemaker a.k.a the wife of the head : My mom
3.The Princess : lolx,myself
4.The another Princess :my piggy sister
5.1st hero : Rover Raj Kumar
6.2nd hero : Rony Raj Kumar

1st time

Life is not like what you expected...well at least some of it will work out.Hi,Im Nithiyah Devaraju.I've started blogging few years back,at that time I was too busy to update it,and I seriously got no idea how my friends are able to do TIME MANAGEMENT!!! friends who love blogging includes my bff Michelle Ng,my cousin Thevishree and my another cousin Thivya...Im nt sure whether my own sister has yeah,since im having ample time nw..IM GONNA START BLOGGING!!! ;-)...and welcoming myself in the world of blogging...

-a picture of us in our cousin's the train-